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  Increase your Sales and Leads with PPC Content Marketing?


How much time and money have you recently spent on your content marketing strategy? Did it bring the results you needed? If your answer is no, you are not alone. In today’s highly competitive internet marketing world, there are just some things that cannot be done alone. This is where QueryAds can completely change the way you look at your pay per click advertising and the way you buy targeted traffic! QueryAds is one of the most powerful PPC advertising network built specifically for content marketing and ’ is at its best when delivering targeted traffic! You need high quality, targeted traffic at the very lowest price. QueryAds delivers that and much more.


Your Content Marketing needs relevant long tail keywords phrases. Why? Because you get a much higher conversion rate, but at a reduced cost. Get rid of those broad, generic keywords! Get rid of clicks from the “freebie seekers” and the “discount shoppers.” Start seeing clicks from those who really know what they want and are ready to make a purchase! As an advertiser with QueryAds, you can market your website and not have to pay for those useless, untargeted clicks! That means you keep more of your money


Advantages for Advertisers Promoting Content via Pay per Click


The developers of QueryAds help those smart advertisers who need a better way to build awareness to their website via content. You don’t have time to learn complicated, intricate PPC systems. QueryAds provides the following advantages for Advertisers, but in a user friendly interface.

  • More Targeted Traffic
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • 1000’s of Long Tail Keywords
  • Save Your Money AND Your Time
  • More Sales and Leads
  • Quality Publishers' Websites
  • Complete Advertiser’s Control

  • High Click thru Ratio
    Our ads are more relevant producing high click thru rates
  • Highest Payout Percentage
    We pay up to 60% of Advertising Revenue
  • More Payment Options
    We pay publishers via Paypal and more..
  • More Targeted Ads
    Ads appearing are manually approve for quality
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